THE BIG FIGHT BEHIND THE OLD GYMNASIUM is a graphic novel for kids I wrote in 2011. Now here it's been revised, tidied up, and colourised for public display. It's all originally had-drawn on A2 paper with Artline pens and Sharpies. The colours were added in Photoshop.

So what is it? A true story perhaps? Maybe even a bit autobiographical?

T.B.F.B.T.O.G is about 11 year old Wedge Roberts. See, when your name is synonymous with the infamous school-yard torture (the Wedgie!) it pays to be defensive. And ever since a truly traumatic wedgie back in Grade 3, Wedge Roberts has been ever-vigilant in monitoring bullies, jerks, dweebs, morons, and his own precious reputation. Wedge goes to St. Hamish’s Boys College - there are no girls here, so faking maturity is not a requirement. As long as he does his homework and watches his back, life is good. That is until this particular year, and the looming destiny that awaits him...

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