Some years ago I fancied myself as a children's writer. I thought I was pretty great. Ultimately the Australian publishing industry disagreed. Below are the books they foolishly published before they realised their mistake. (Actually I've written more than this, but these are the ones that made it into print). Some are full of comics. Some aren't. All are awesome. So awesome in fact, they're probably out of print by now. One is even about Ancient Rome. Can you guess which?

Anyhow, so buy them, don't buy them, I don't care. Actually I do care, but I'm pretending to be cool by not caring. It's not working, and I don't know why I'm pretending when I have no idea who you are anyway. I could even be dead by now myself. It would be just typical if I'm dead right now and these are selling like gangbusters.

Thanks a lot, God!

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