THE BIG FIGHT BEHIND THE OLD GYMNASIUM is a graphic novel for kids I wrote in 2011. Now here it's been revised, tidied up, and colourised for public display. It's all originally hand-drawn on A2 paper with Artline pens and Sharpies. The colours were added in Photoshop.

So what is it?

T.B.F.B.T.O.G is about 11 year old Wedge Roberts. See, when your name is synonymous with the infamous school-yard torture (the Wedgie!) it pays to be defensive. And ever since a truly traumatic wedgie back in Grade 3, Wedge Roberts has been ever-vigilant in monitoring bullies, jerks, dweebs, morons, and his own precious reputation. Wedge goes to St. Hamish’s Boys College - there are no girls here, so faking maturity is not a requirement. As long as he does his homework and watches his back, life is good. That is until this particular year, and the looming destiny that awaits him...

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